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Arabic Pronunciation Course

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About Course

Prerequisites of this course:

  • At least completed the course “how to read Arabic” and scored 75% or higher in the FINAL EXAM.

Recommended requirements:

  • Having completed the courses (How to read Arabic) and (Arabic vowel system) and score at least 75% for the final exam of these courses.
  • Good to intermediate knowledge of the English language.

This course is the ultimate guide to master all the unique Arabic sounds like ص/ ض / ط / ظ / ع  and many more. By the end of this course you will have mastered all the Arabic unique sounds that are not found in most Germanic and Romantic languages.

Who is this for?

  • This course is a MUST if your goal is to learn the Tajweed of the Quran.
  • If you want to be able to speak Arabic properly and pronounce the words correctly.
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Course Content

In this short intro, I introduce you to the concept of Arabic sounds and how I will approach the topic. You will also be familiarized with some terminology that I will be using throughout the course of the coming 11 lessons.


Arabic Glottal Sounds (هـ & ء)
In this lesson, you will learn how to pronounce the glottal sounds which are the ء which has no equivalent in English and هـ which can be compared to /h/.

Arabic Pharyngeal Sounds (ع – ح)
In this lesson, you will learn the technique as well as some tricks to pull off the ever so challenging sounds for non-Arabs: ع and ح which do not have similar sounds in English.

Arabic Uvular Sound (ق)
In this lesson you'll learn how to properly pronounce the trickiest sound in Arabic /ق/. You'll also learn the necessary skills needed to produce this sound successfully, and you'll also get to learn some tricks that will help you train your epiglottis to master the sound. If you are learning to read Quran and do Tajeweed, this is the first step to take.

Arabic Velar Sounds (غ – ك – خ)
There are THREE Velar sounds in Arabic (غ - ك - خ), and lessons FOUR AND FIVE will take these sounds consecutively. In Lesson FOUR you'll learn how to properly pronounce two challenging sounds in Arabic /خ/ & /غ/ You'll also learn the necessary skills needed to produce these sounds successfully. You will also be introduced to the concept of VOICED and VOICELESS sounds, and how you can use this knowledge to learn the difference between خ and غ. And in Lesson FIVE, you will learn how to properly pronounce the  ك /k/ sound, and how it is different from the commonly used /k/ in English.

Arabic Palatal Sounds (ي – ش – ج)
There are THREE Arabic Palatal Sounds, they are (ي - ش - ج) and this is the main focus of this topic.

Arabic Alveolar Sounds (ر – ط – ض – ص)
There are in total 10 Arabic Alveolar Sounds but there are only (ط - ض - ص - ر) that represent some difficulty for Arabic learners since the other seven sounds exist in almost every other language in the world. In the course of the coming FOUR lessons, we'll tackle these three sounds separately.

Arabic Interdental Sounds (ظ – ذ – ث)
There are only THREE Arabic Interdental Sounds; they are (ظ - ذ - ث) and for these sounds you will your tongue as well as your front teeth.

To pass this exam, you need to score at least 75%.

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1 day ago
Jazakumullahu khayran
The lesson were all explanatory and awesome Alhamdulillah, but I think each courses should have certification to certify students, may Almighty Allah continue to strengthen you sir
Horlami Lekan
1 week ago
Allahuma barik for making this course free and it’s made a huge impact in my life when it comes to the Arabic letters and pronunciation May Allah continue to increase in your provisions kind sir ,however I’m dissatisfied with the final exam . I kept getting a lot of glitches the pages refreshes it takes me back to the beginning of the questions, with a checked answer so I had thought those were the answers I had chosen before it glitched, following those links can be exasperating. I experienced that 3times in a row . Made me fail the final course . 7 answers happened to be incorrect. The rest of the quizzes full marks I got full marks because I had to issues with those quiz; and there you go my only dissatisfaction so far .
Sumayya Amanova
3 weeks ago
Thanks for the easy lessons!
Very comprehensive, Ma Shaa Allah.
1 month ago
very informative
2 months ago
Very challenging after 30 years learning how to pronounce Arabic letters I am just knowing the places of pronunciations
2 months ago
It does not get better than this. Very clear explanations.
2 months ago
Again a well Made course. Thank you really much! So many helpful Videos to learn the Arabic pronounciation. May Allah bless you. There was just one tiny Mistake: the Recording 9 in the Final Exam didnt match the task. Best regards!
2 months ago
Great course
3 months ago
May Allah bless you all
Tarik O.
4 months ago
5 months ago
Easy to understand
jannatul mawa
5 months ago
6 months ago
Thank you
7 months ago
7 months ago
7 months ago
Very thorough and in-depth
Some minor bugs with the exercise
Md Rafiuzzaman
10 months ago
It’s very nice course for non native Arabic speaking people. I am proud to being a participant.