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Tajweed for Beginners

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About Course

Prerequisites of this course:

Having these skills are a MUST:

  • You can read Arabic and link letters into words.
  • You have completed the course: how to read Arabic and scored 75% or higher in the final test.
  • You have completed the course: Arabic vowel system and scored 75% of higher in the final test.
  • You have completed the course: Arabic pronunciation.
  • You have average knowledge of the English language.


Having these skills is a PLUS, and is recommended:

  • You can read Arabic texts easily.
  • You have good knowledge of the English language.

Tajweed is the study of beautifying your Quran recitation in the proper way. This course is for beginners level only, so you will learn the basics of each skill, but NOT everything there is to learn about each Tajweed skill.

You will learn these when you move up in level step by step in shaa Allah in future courses.

It is important to listen to the Quran regularly before and after learning a rule to try and hear how it is applied by a professional reciter. It is important to listen to a reciter that applies the Tajweed rules properly lest you should learn something the wrong way.

Always make sure you ask enough questions if you are not sure about something, I will always be there in shaa Allah to assist you FOR FREE.


Who is this for?

  • For EVERY Muslim who still has not learned the true word of Allah.
  • For (new) Muslims who can read Arabic and have 0 knowledge about Tajweed.
  • For brothers and sisters who already know how to recite and need to refresh their skills in reciting the holy Quran.
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What Will You Learn?

  • After finishing this course, you will, in shaa Allah, be able to recite the Quran fluently and properly.

Course Content

This introduction will help you understand my method to teach Tajweed and take you step by step into the process.

  • Lesson ONE

Stopping & Continuation
This Topic you will learn how to stop and continue reciting the holy Quran. First you will deal with Quranic symbols. ALL OF THEM. And will then learn how you should deal with them while reciting the Holy Quran. You will also learn other techniques on how you should stop and continue reciting the Holy Quran.

Madd – Elongation
Madd or Elongation is the most common rule that you will be applying dozens of times every time you read the Holy Quran.

Alif & Hamza
In this lesson series, you will learn how to deal with Hamza Qat'a and Hamza Wasl. You will also learn how to pronounce the word Allah properly.

Nun Sakinah
This topic deals with Nun sakhinah and its 4 cases.

Mim Sakinah
This Topic concern mim sakinah in the Holy Quran and how to deal with it properly.

Qalqalah – Echoing Sounds
Echoing sounds are ق - ط - ب - ج - د .. and in the Holy Quran, there are some rules to know how to pronounce them properly.

Quranic /r/ ر
How to deal with Quranic /r/ in its both cases: full mouth and empty mouth.

Letter Fusion
In this lesson, you will learn how to fuse letters to perfect your Quran recitation.

Separated letters
In this lesson, you will learn how to pronounce the separated letters, and you will also learn what these letters mean.

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2 weeks ago
2 months ago
3 months ago
Masha' Allah. Very easy to comprehend and follow.
4 months ago
very helpfull. Jazak Allah
9 months ago
Really brilliantly explained! May Allah reward you abundantly for your hard work brother
10 months ago
JazaakAllahu Khairan
10 months ago
10 months ago
It is an amazing course
10 months ago
11 months ago
I love the way the brother talks. Upbeat and motivational. I cant believe this course is free of cost. May Allah reward all people involved in this course with the best of rewards. Ameen
It was a wonderful match for me and this course helped me realise my true potential when it comes to reciting the Qur'an.
12 months ago
Best tajweed course
12 months ago
Machallah the only online program I was able to follow through and through. The course is well set, you know exactly were you are and were you're heading. The lessons length is just perfect , this allows me easily implement in in my daily life and has helped me build daily habits in being consistent and comfortable learning tajweed rules. Love the colours on the blackboard it really does help to retain informations. What a great tutor you are! Jazak'Allah khair
12 months ago
Amazing visual representation. Easy to learn and follow the contents. May Allah reward you in goodness.
1 year ago
the best tajweed teacher
1 year ago
Explained very well
1 year ago
May Allah Bless all of you who are providing these free courses
Eagerly waiting for the advanced tajweed course, the quranic grammar course, and the books on understanding 65% and 85% of the Quran. If Allah only helps me, InshaAllah I will see all of them, beidnillah. May Allah reward you in the hereafter and in the Duniya that helps to earn the hereafter.
1 year ago
Masha Allah my recitation improved a lot
1 year ago
Maa shaa Allah! This course is very enlightening. It refreshed my memory on Tajweed rules, and I also learnt new things. Thank you for recording these videos. May Allah reward you with abundant goodness