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Arabic Vowels System

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About Course

Since the Arabic alphabet system is a bit different from most languages in the sense that the alphabet contains no (short) vowels, they are given separate signs which help you read and write in Arabic. You are probably starting this course after having finished the literacy alphabet course of Arabic, and if you haven’t, I highly recommend that you do that first before proceeding. After finishing this course, you should be able to read, and write almost any Arabic word.

Prerequisites of this course:

  • Completed the course “how to read Arabic” and scored 75% or higher in the final test.
  • Average to good knowledge about the English language.
  • A notebook + pen.

This course is the second step to take as a beginner towards learning how to read Arabic. By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify all the vowel signs of Arabic.
  • Know the difference between short and long vowels.
  • Know the Arabic semi-vowels
  • Know the sounds produced by long and short vowels.
  • Read your first Arabic words.

By the end of each lesson, there is an QUIZ that must be completed before proceeding to the following lesson. And by the end of this course, you will be tested in all the skills previously listed. Finishing the test with a score of 75% or higher is the recommended level for proceeding to the next step.

Good Luck,


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Course Content

Arabic Short Vowels
Learn how to deal with the short vowels since Arabic does not have dedicated letters for that purpose.

  • Lesson ONE
  • QUIZ

What is Shaddah?
In this lesson you will learn about a unique Arabic symbol: Shaddah

What is Tanween?
In this lesson, you will master the tanween. Literally translated to "adding noon" which is a skill that you can't do without when reading Arabic and most importantly if you are learning the Holy Quran.

Long Vowels & Semi-Vowels in Arabic
This lesson concludes this small course about Vowels in Arabic. This lesson weighs as heavy as the previous three lessons in terms of importance. Make sure you get this lesson at a 100% if you can.

Arabic Cyber Literacy
If you live in a non-Arab country, and want to use your computer to type in Arabic, then this is a MUST for you to learn. This topic specifically enhances your ability to combine the knowledge you have acquired about Arabic alphabetical system & its vowel system AND using the computer.

In order to pass this course you MUST score 75% or more, which will enable you to proceed to the following courses.

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1 day ago
great course
4 days ago
There's everything it's lovely
2 weeks ago
May Allah bless you
3 weeks ago
The eloquence of the tutor and the course content are perfect. Enjoyed the whole session and hoping to get more of it in the next course inshaa Allah.
2 months ago
Enjoyed this course.
2 months ago
Great beginner knowledge. Essential for a good base in Arabic grammar. The teacher teaches clearly. Alhamdulillah
2 months ago
as always this was also good
Tarik O.
2 months ago
2 months ago
easy to understand
2 months ago
Love it highly
2 months ago
Short and easy to understand
2 months ago
الحمد لله
I benefited from this course.
جزاك الله خيرا و بارك الله فيك.
2 months ago
3 months ago
Easy to understand
3 months ago
Masha Allah, it's great work
3 months ago
Great Course
3 months ago
/very helpful and well explained. Jazzak Allahu khair
jannatul mawa
3 months ago
Good. Arabic writing in the exam questions a bit confusing sometimes.
3 months ago
Mumtaaz Mashallah
4 months ago
It was fantastic